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PaLett - Datenschutz

We, the company PaLett, take your privacy very seriously. We want to establish long term customer relationship and this statement underlines it.

In accordance with § 28 of the Federal Law for Data Protection we would like to make attentive on the fact that in the context of the business the necessary Data are processed and stored by means of an EDB system in accordance with § 33.

We commit ourselves to treat and protect your data confidential at any time.

The Privacy Policy is in line with the Federal law for Data Protection and Tele Service Law.

Personal Data are inquired only for the purpose of processing the purchase order, except the customer inquires certain information due to the inquiry.

At any time our customer can obtain a cancellation of their stored Data as well as a free of charge information about the current status of the stored Data.

In no case your Data are be passed on for the purpose of the advertisement, market or public opinion poll.

Should you wish to get in touch with us regarding any privacy issues or other issues, please click here.

Federal Law for Data Protection
Tele Services Law