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PaLett - Umwelt

* Thermal Papers – Environment & Safety

  • We are selling only thermal papers (converted in Label Rolls / Cash Register Rolls / Tickets etc.) which have been exhaustively tested according to all safety-related criteria and pose no danger to health
  • The thermal papers can and should be recycled
  • The use of thermal papers causes no impact on the environment
  • Disposal of the thermal papers in landfills creates no ecological problems


  • We are selling thermal papers (converted in Label Rolls etc.) which have clearance from the ISEGA

*Verpackungsregulierung 2003 (Essential Requirements)

Regarding packaging for our products we have taken into consideration the essential requirements of the Packaging Regulations as follows:

  • The packaging volume & weight is the minimum amount to maintain necessary levels of safety, hygiene and acceptance for the packed products and for the customer.
  • The Packaging materials selected have been chosen to allow for recycling wherever possible.
  • The materials used are non-hazardous and bio-degradable wherever possible. They do not present any hazard if disposed of by incineration or landfill.