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Kiosk Printer from Star Micronics - TUP400, TUP900 Series

12.07.2008 | TUP400 - more under Kiosk Printer - Star
TUP400 Series - OEM Open Frame Thermal Printing TUP452Z - Open Frame with Autocutter TUP492Z - with Document Capture The successful TUP400Z Series high quality thermal printers habe been technically re-engineered to provide even longer term, reliable performance for unattended public operation

10.02.2008 | TUP900 - more under Kiosk Printer - Star
TUP900 Series - The complete Kiosk Printing solution from Star Micronics available in modular or open frame formats Star has used it's experience of the kiosk market to produce an unique, wide format (112mm), high speed printing solution. Specifically designed for OEM use - ideal for unattended public operation for ticketing or web kiosks etc